Next Race:
Albert Lee Cup at Seafair
August 1-2-3, 2014
Seattle, Washington

H1 Unlimited
Race Schedule

July 4-5-6
Madison Regatta
Madison, Indiana
#1 Graham Trucking

July 11-12-13
APBA Gold Cup
Detroit Michigan
#6 Oberto/Miss Madison

July 25-26-27
Tri Cities Columbia Cup
Tri-Cities Washington
#6 Oberto/Miss Madison

August 1-2-3
Seattle Seafair
Seattle, Washington

September 12-13-14
San Diego Bayfair
San Diego California

November 20-21-22
World Championship
Doha, Qatar

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Albert Lee Appliance Cup
Coverage beginning Friday August 1
with a qualifying report at 7:45pm.

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